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The Bachelor finale is finally this Monday. The word is out that Ben is engaged to someone, but is it JoJo or Lauren B.? If the couple can survive the drama of the show and the taxing media attention and make it to the alter, we expect we'll all get to watch the wedding in a special televised event.
If we can't count on reality TV to find true love, then what is this world coming to? Apparently -- brace yourself -- reality
However, Lowe doesn't intend to speak negatively of the show. Instead, he presents his personal struggles with the show's
Lowe's father Jay officiated the wedding, according to People, and called the couple's romance "an epic fairytale on display
"I just want it to be fun and show our love," Giudici explained of the wedding. "We want some traditional type of ceremony
"The Bachelor" star Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici got engaged during the season finale of the ABC reality show back in
What's one annoying little habit you've found out about each other since you've been together? SL: Annoying habit ... I don't
It's been a long journey, filled with roses, meltdowns and excessive shirtlessness, but last night Sean Lowe's search for a fiancee on national television came to an oh-so-sweet end.
It turns out that an elephant, a loving father, a weepy mother and two children who surely have Pottery Barn Kids modeling deals in the works turned out to be more entertaining than the super secretive "letter of doom" we've been teased about for weeks.
Catherine Giudici has won "The Bachelor" and received Sean Lowe's final rose. Catherine is a 26-year-old graphic designer
Believe it or not, the finale of Season 17 of "The Bachelor" is here and the woman of Sean Lowe's dreams will most likely
On Season 17 of "The Bachelor," Sean Lowe went on a three-month journey to find reality-TV love. The only thing he couldn't
The evening ends with Catherine collapsed on the bed and Sean stuck in the middle of the two finalists. "At this point, the
In this exclusive sneak peek of "The Bachelor" season finale, Catherine struggles over whether or not Sean will ask her to marry him. After confessing she loves him but not receiving a response, she starts to doubt his feelings for her. "The Bachelor" season finale airs Monday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.
This week on "The Bachelor," the women told all some, Sean Lowe sported a new haircut and Chris Harrison ran the show. This was truly Chris' time to shine -- especially when he takes an informal poll of how the audience feels about #ShirtlessSean.
Roughly 80 percent of "The Bachelor's" Women Tell All episode was dedicated to information we already know. Don't have the patience to watch? Here's all you need to know.
It's (no-sex) fantasy suite time and Sean was all about the pensive boat-staring in Thailand -- yet another "most beautiful place in the world." ("Bachelor" pro tip: Sad-face staring = hard decision.)
Sean realizes that since weʼre coming into the home stretch, itʼs time to see what these girls are made of. And the best way to do that is by testing their willingness to be adventurous, as well as their unwillingness to get busy in the fantasy suite.
The Feb. 25 episode of "The Bachelor" (8 p.m. EST on ABC) sees Sean whisking his remaining three bachelorettes, Ashlee, Catherine
Why am I spending another night of my week watching this? Why is ABC punishing me by airing this? What "all" could Sean possibly have to tell? Why is Sean so fully clothed?