The Batman

The Dark Knight rises once again in the new trailer for Matt Reeves' "The Batman," which showcases a slew of major villains.
Production on the superhero film has been repeatedly delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.
The bigger question is why Batman doesn't just check the internet.
The star of "Teen Wolf" and "The Batman" applauded the LGBTQ community's resilience as he was honored with the 2020 GLSEN Gamechanger Award.
Director Matt Reeves posted an eerie camera test with his new Caped Crusader.
"The Lighthouse" star joked about the possibility in a recent interview.
Future Batman Robert Pattinson agrees that she could pull it off.
The actor joins Zoe Kravitz, who will play Catwoman in the Robert Pattinson-led cast.
The "Aquaman" actor is "stoked" about his stepdaughter's upcoming role.
The search is over for an actor to play Selena Kyle/Catwoman opposite Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight in the reboot.
The actor is reportedly being eyed for the role of a villain in "The Batman," while Jeffrey Wright is in negotiations to play Commissioner Gordon.
Some fans aren't happy the former "Twilight" star may sink his teeth into the role for "The Batman."