The Beast

Because reality is pretty hard to take these days, I thought some mindless escape wouldn’t hurt. I took my husband and daughter
"The Beast killed people. That was the point of the character. He was a beast."
Kirk Cameron can kid himself, but these are the films that will truly save Christmas.
Flubs are endemic to movies and television programs of all ilks! Some are continuity errors caused by multiple shooting days or so-called "revealing" mistakes. Others are simple errors made by actors scrambling their lines. Here are some examples in the sci-fi/horror genre.
The limo was towed around 10 a.m. Jerusalem time. The president -- who arrived in Tel Aviv around noon before being flown
For more, head over to Deadline. A number of childhood reinterpretations have hit the box office as of late. Recent successes
At 60, Cassandra Peterson has practically become the Santa Claus of the 31st of October, so it was surprising to get a one-on-one conversation with her in costume last Thursday.
Cameras that the city uses to enforce the fee captured the license plate of one of the cars in the President's motorcade
"Thanks for all the RIPs," typed the dead Swayze to the first of the 15 million fans who posted on Twitter, as his ghost-self sat on Goldberg's lap.
Obama's limo is nicknamed 'The Beast', and it seems it was designed for wide American roads. In this video, officials struggle
I never liked the look of the Bush limo. It was too massive and appeared to be a truck that had started out as a tank. Obama's new limo looks more like an actual car, albeit a very big and heavy one.
"One of the specifications is that we don't talk about the specifications," he said. It's been reported in the past that
Patrick Swayze, who has been battling pancreatic cancer for a year, sat down with Barbara Walters for an exclusive interview
On a film soundstage here, a tense scene was unfolding, with the actor Lou Diamond Phillips, playing a rogue cop, holding
Executives from A&E and Sony Pictures Television, the studio producing the show, said on Friday that based on reports from