The Beauty Myth

She's ignoring the haters and choosing to "take care of herself."
There does seem to be more visibility of a broader spectrum of "beauties" in the world today. Beauty is becoming more expansive, less exclusive. And yet it seems to me that the pressure of looking one particular way may have been replaced by a more intense pressure of "making an effort."
Author Naomi Wolf joins HuffPost Live to discuss the dangers of porn.
Revisiting Wolf's text now, 20 years later, evokes an all-too-common feeling I get when reading old feminist texts: Holy sh*t, nothing has changed.
If you and your mate haven't included pornography in your sexual arsenal, there's no time like the present. After all, couples that play together, stay together.
Radical male self-respect? Isn’t it called, you know, patriarchy? One of them is that women are not getting enough, and this
When we're all preoccupied with achieving the perfect body (or getting our body back) or waxing ourselves hairless or learning how to create this season's smoky eye, who has the energy to deal with stuff that matters? Who has the time to remember there is stuff that matters?
2. There is nothing new in Naomi Wolf's "Vagina." The Guardian's Jenny Turner shares Dobbs' skepticism: "Hubris [ ] compels
I'm not saying that we don't -- or shouldn't -- want love and marriage and a baby carriage. But if we don't, the cultural forces at work sure do their best to change our minds.