the bfg

There are so many different components behind the makings of a brilliant book, plot and characterization being two key factors
My children love listening to "the BFG" speak "a little squiggly." His vocabulary has them laughing with mentions of "hippodumplings
After Tuesday November 8's election results, traveling to New Zealand became even more enticing to me. Their political history
The Pixar animated flick swam right past "The Legend of Tarzan" and "The BFG" this holiday weekend.
Ryan R., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12 I appreciate the animations of this film because they are vivid, detailed, realistic
The BFG is a feel good movie in the Spielberg tradition. The opening shots in an orphanage pull you in as do the cinematography
The actress, who appears in the film, talks about working with the legendary director.
Janusz Kamiski's cinematography has seldom been more breathtaking, while the cast headed by Mark Rylance as the BFG, Ruby Barnhill as Sophie, and Penelope Wilton as the Queen are all engaging.
There is not a doubt in my mind that Mr. Spielberg believes in fairies and all things magical. I do, too. I've learned to cultivate enchantment and to be open to being astonished:
When I read this description of the mechanics of dreams, I felt that shiver that comes when something resonates as immediately
The publisher has realised that children, from even before the age they can read, pick up cereal boxes from the breakfast