the big short

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On The Big Short Movie: Lewis described it as "a relief" to see how good the movie was and praised the talent and craftsmanship
Erin Whitaker of Parker Whitaker Productions, who produces the event along with Sarah Whitaker and designer Erik Rosete, the
Maggie Smith, the Grande dame of the mega series "Downton Abbey", says regarding her view of the town hospital needing to continue to run as is, that basically the facts are important as long as it is recognized that "my facts are the true facts".
Before Chris Rock said "Good night," he said "Black lives matter." Mom said, When the nominees for Best Makeup were announced
If the man who saw the housing market crash and ensuing financial market meltdown is focusing his investments on fresh water, might that be one more reason for us to shift our thinking about the nature, socioeconomic, political and environmental, of water?
I'm not saying that you have to hire a celebrity to make a cameo appearance explaining investment strategies to your clients. But you can think outside the box and use analogies in your own explanations.
Let us fill you in on the backstory for the doctor-turned-financial hotshot.
The movies and gala ceremonies are very different things. If Oscars went to paintings, most years the Picasso and the Van Gogh aren't nominated and the Edward Hopper ends up losing to the Bob Ross.
I've been studying the world of subprime in recent years, and these are some of the lessons from my current and past research
Pineapple Inside Out Cake dotted with Bryan Cranberries, Jennifer Jason Jujubees and Brooklyndor Truffles served a la mode