the biggest loser

The "gun-based applicator shoots the titanium so far up your vag," the celebrity trainer promises.
"I’m really understanding what’s really important in life."
The fitness guru reportedly collapsed during a gym workout.
All this nurturing is making me hungry. In the words of the great musician and 20th century philosopher, Meatloaf, "Baby
"I just let it unconsciously, subconsciously affect me and take too much power," says Ali Vincent. "It doesn't get power."
"Nobody can force anybody to do anything on 'The Biggest Loser.' Period. End of story."
Most people responded with misty eyes at the show's incredible weight loss success. Others knew something was wrong, like
Bob Harper first addressed his sexuality publicly on national television.
For all of us, it's important to realize that slow and steady wins over fast and furious because you're not on TV; you're in reality. Besides, a slower, steadier loss gives you more time to adjust to the lifestyle changes needed to align yourself with those who have crossed the finish line.