the birth of a nation

At the Venice Film International Film Festival, the "Birth of a Nation" director apologized for how he responded to a rape allegation from his college days.
The director and actor's handling of the 1999 rape allegation torpedoed the release of his 2016 film "The Birth of a Nation."
Lakeith Stanfield, Laura Dern and Keira Knightley were the toasts of the festival.
Fifty years ago, a movie like "Get Out" couldn't have existed. But does this really mean progress?
I went to a screening of "The Birth of a Nation" with my 85-year-old mother whose energy and interests continue to belie
It's somewhat disconcerting that Nate Parker chose to name his film after D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation (1915), since
The film beat out Nate Parker's much-talked about "The Birth of a Nation."
I no longer want Nate to win. I want Nate to take ownership.
I'm paraphrasing because I've heard Stuart use variously similar words to explain the foundational motto by which he also
“This is a forum for the film," the director said at the Toronto Film Festival.