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This month, Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop joined forces once again in a bid to finish the work they started
This week, Cruelty Free International applauded the introduction of the Humane Cosmetics Act along with beauty industry leaders Paul Mitchell® and The Body Shop®. The bill was introduced with strong bipartisan leadership from U.S. Representatives Martha McSally (R -AZ), Don Beyer (D-VA), Joe Heck (R -NV) and Tony Cardenas (D-CA).
Why not invest in a new society that's safer and fairer, that reduces the threats posed by hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos?
Chocomania Body Scrub is an exfoliant that has earned its place in my beauty cabinet as it helps with what I need most during
Michael Solis' September 13th blog on displaced peoples sheds light on a troubling global issue. There were, however, totally inaccurate claims relating to The Body Shop that I am compelled to correct.
In Colombia, the number of internally displaced people is approximately 4.9 million -- nearly the population of Colorado. This makes Colombia the second largest internal displacement country in the world next to Sudan.
The uneasy state of the American middle class and the excesses of corporate America are chronicled in-depth in Arianna Huffington's
To learn more about the trafficking of both women and children, visit ECPAT-USA or the Somaly Mam Foundation. Susan Sarandon
Corporations in the US have the same legal status as people, allowing them to engage in contracts, own property, etc. But if we're given these rights and privileges, we also have a responsibility to contribute positively to the community.
The Body Shop is a cosmetics company with a conscience, known for naturally-derived products and an emphasis on ethical business
And Main Street desperately needs education on this issue. At the press conference on human trafficking shortly after I spoke
In their pursuit of "credible" and "informative" news stories, KABC in Los Angeles decided to assign one of their most attractive
That company is Nau (a Polynesian word meaning "welcome", it's pronounced "now"). Ian Yolles, Nau's marketing director, describes