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The newspaper warned of the "dangerous precedent" that could be set if Donald Trump does not face prosecution for his misdeeds in office.
White vehemently denied ever engaging in domestic violence, and accused his ex-wife of lying to get a financial advantage in their divorce.
The newspaper declared Trump to be "a president unfit for a pandemic" in a blistering editorial.
The newspaper’s editorial board said the candidate it wants to take on Donald Trump in November “proved us wrong."
Robert D. Chain said he was going to kill the journalists because of the paper's "treasonous" criticism of Donald Trump.
The fake front page is making waves again following the president's latest announcement about immigration.
The senator from Massachusetts emerged as one of the most vocal progressives in 2018. But the Globe warns she could be "too divisive" to take on Trump.
Rev. Christian Ohazulume has been barred from ministry over the alleged 2006 incident.
The FBI arrested a man for threatening to kill Boston Globe journalists the same day as the president's comments.
Robert Chain, 68, allegedly called The Boston Globe more than a dozen times, referring to its employees as the "enemy of the people."