the bourne legacy

Karen Pittman has stolen so many scenes, she should've been locked up years ago. I mean that figuratively, and man that opening line, which is still going on by the way, was pretty lame.
Tony Gilroy made an appearance this week at The Picture House Film Club in Pelham, NY, where we screened Nightcrawler, which he produced for his brother Dan Gilroy, who wrote and directed.
Movement on "Bourne 5" has been quiet since September, when Paul Greengrass, who directed the second and third "Bourne" films
After saying no to another Jason Bourne movie for more than a year, is Matt Damon ready to say yes? That's the potential turn of events according to Twitch Film, which reports that Universal is negotiating with Damon and director Paul Greengrass to return for a fourth Bourne film, the duo's first since 2007's "Bourne Ultimatum."
The original story continues below. In an interview with The Playlist, Damon said that "The Bourne Legacy" itself was also
Baz Luhrmann's Rex Morgan, M.D. -- The great Aussie director takes the good doctor on a fantastic journey as he is shrunk and injected into Liza Minnelli.
Frequently, a new acquaintance will say, "I'd like to ask you to tell me what you really did for the CIA, but I know that you would then have to kill me." This is supposed to be funny, but it troubles me because it shows such a fundamental misunderstanding.
You know the walk of shame? That's the idea in movies that when someone has a one-night stand, they walk home the next morning, certain everyone is aware of their bad decision. You should think about the walk of shame you have to make back to Redbox after renting a lame movie.
For now, it appears Damon's "Bourne" return is probably the farthest thing from his mind. It was recently revealed that Damon
Those remarks are in some contrast to what Damon said last year, when if he thought "The Bourne Legacy" would negatively
I have seen three movies I actually liked in this era of diminished movie-going. And when I went to actual movie houses last week -- well, I have to admit it cost a lot for tickets and there was almost no audience at the times attended.
If we did learn that U.S. governmental agencies were using science and sorcery to make super-soldiers for wet-work, would any of us really be surprised? Does anyone think that something along the lines of Treadstone or Blackbriar doesn't currently go on?
Click over to The Hollywood Reporter for more details. "The Expendables 2" proved to be anything but expendable as the Sylvester
The actual Bourne legacy is that what was always intended to be a trilogy was so successful that it compelled Universal to find some way to continue the franchise without star Matt Damon.
"If I'd been approached and asked to play Jason Bourne, it would have been a really easy 'no'. But this movie wasn't about
Rounding out the top three is "The Dark Knight Rises," which dialed up another $5.8 million on Friday. Sony's Meryl Streep
"The Bourne Legacy" leads an army of new movies into theaters this weekend. Thankfully, for ticket buyers, it seems most
The studio tried to figure out how to make a Bourne movie without Bourne, but could it feel like anything other than a cynical attempt to squeeze more dollars from a finished franchise?
The Bourne Legacy is more than just a bad film. Its legacy is that it tarnishes what came before, either out of spite or pure incompetence.
What happens as the film goes on in is best left for viewing by Bourne aficionados. The script is thin, but the acting, cinematography and direction make up for this loss. This is worth seeing even by the naysayers.