The Boys in the Band

At the 73rd Tony Awards, Broadway star Zachary Quinto shared how far the LGBTQ rights movement has come.
In revisiting our past, the play shows not how far LGBTQ people have come but rather how far we still have to go.
Not all queer stories need happy endings. But in the "Love, Simon" era, pessimistic stereotypes are little more than weightless relics.
A star-studded cast will bring the iconic gay drama to life on its 50th anniversary.
Will (Dene Larson), Derek (Michael Conner), and Seth (Kai Brothers) in a scene from The Best Men (Photo by: Aaron Levy-Wolins
If we're not fighting oppression, is there anything that we have in common anymore? Well, yeah, there is one thing -- one common thing that we all want. Each other. Whether it's friendship, or brotherhood, falling in love or falling into bed, we'll always seek each other out.
Last summer, as I was riding home on BART from a performance at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, an aspiring young playwright from Los Angeles who had noticed the press kit in my hands started to chat me up. After inquiring what play I had seen that night, he got right down to business.
Let's look at two recent events, play a little cultural mashup, and examine the results.
Crayton Robey's documentary Making 'The Boys' chronicles changes in both gay culture and its acceptance by mainstream America, reminding us that 40 years ago, gays and lesbians had fewer civil rights than black people or women.
Making 'The Boys' blends several storylines, including the history of Mart Crowley's ground-breaking 1969 play The Boys in the Band, and the rise of the gay-rights movement in its wake.
"I don't think revolution ever happens on big Broadway stages. So our responsibility is to create extraordinary events in small rooms that infect the rest of the culture," Anne Bogart insists.
Hardly enough can be said about Geoffrey Nauffts's Next Fall, which is both remarkably simple and exceedingly complex.
Matt Crowley's dark comedy, The Boys in the Band, opened at Manhattan's Theatre Four on April 14, 1968, little more than a year before the Stonewall Inn fracas.