The Cars

Paulina Porizkova said the singer had been recovering from surgery when he died Sunday.
"A very cool cat," Thomas Dolby wrote of The Cars frontman, who died at age 75.
The band was inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2018.
Weird Al has two releases coming up--a twenty-fifth anniversary edition of UHF and also The Compleat Al. Here he explains why there's the sudden Al-Fest.
Brian Setzer: "I'm kind of an anomaly there, I never really fit into anybody's box. I don't know how I got those Grammys because I am certain there's not a rockabilly category. They just kind of squeezed between the cracks somehow."
Instrumental Queen cover for the win: Back over on the festival's north end, English folksy rockers Noah and the Whale kicked
In 2005, the event's first year on Chicago's lakefront, daily attendance was 65,000. The total daily capacity allowed for
Chick Corea's new album, Forever, is a two-disc set, with the first disc being acoustic, and the second disc with a full band and guests. For the first disc, I asked him if it was a return to Return To Forever.
It's been over twenty years since The Cars' last record. Greg Hawkes spoke with me about what they've been doing in the meantime.