The Circle

The YA fantasy adaptation still dominates, but a new Spanish thriller and South Korean mafia drama aren't far behind.
An American adaptation of an Israeli rom-com, Jamie Foxx's father-daughter series and a new season of "The Circle" top the ranking.
With slick, clinical looks and distanced concepts, "Too Hot to Handle," "Love Is Blind" and "The Circle" ushered us into an era of peak anxiety about touch and intimacy.
Message: Will the real "Adam" and "Mercedeze" please stand up? Send!
Last week’s mass cyber-attack could produce the wrong lessons. The immediate takeaway seems to be that large institutions
The big-screen adaptation of Dave Eggers' novel fails to make a point.
Watson's character in the film, out Friday, undergoes a level of scrutiny not unlike that of A-list stars.
There are many ways to view a circle: one as a closed system. Once a cog is admitted to the circle, it is designed to remain in place and help sustain the whole. The new cog in Dave Eggers' novel, The Circle, is a young woman named Mae.
I must confess I have hit my limit with technology. While finishing 'The Circle' by Dave Eggers on my Nook, I updated my Facebook fan page linked to important stuff. Then I sent out a Constant Contact newsletter asking people to 'like,' forward, subscribe to, and read my blog. Next I tried to fix my blog to make it more likable. Ok, not easy, but so far I'm getting it.
Al-Janahi doesn't mince his words when it comes to the business and culture of filmmaking in the Emirates. He'd rather see great quality and professionalism than cater to the much-promoted attitude of nurturing everyone who tries, at the risk of undermining the true talents of Khaliji (Gulf) cinema.