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“I would say the question that I get asked the most of all time is, ‘Are you still friends with Lauren?’” Port said
"If I’m going to be arrested for something, let it be for feeding the homeless," said Matthew Schneck, one of the volunteers cited in El Cajon, outside San Diego.
Phoenix aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2025 and be carbon-neutral by 2050.
Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of fatally shooting the black motorist in 2016.
By Michele Kumi Baer Ask any New Yorker what makes this city a great place to live, and you will get an earful about the
By Kerry McCarthy and Michelle Coffey In May 2015, New York City decided to create its first cultural plan to direct the
While many might cite these investments as a means to commercialise Mississauga, that couldn’t be further from the picture
The EU emerged as an ambitious, yet modest, enterprise in 1957. Just six nations -- Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg
The former "Hills" star reminisces about the MTV series on its 10-year anniversary.
Clearly, she isn't afraid to take a risk in the name of fashion.