The Civil War

At 17, Helen Viola Jackson married 93-year-old James Bolin, who served as a private in the Missouri Cavalry.
"Dearest Annabel: The president we so eagerly defended is a cabbage head. He is all hat and no cattle. We are out of covfefe."
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith defended her recent comments, saying they were "turned into a weapon to be used against me.”
Historian David Blight once said that “The civil war sits like the giant sleeping dragon of American history ever ready to
"You’re a general and you don't know why the Civil War happened?"
President Donald Trump's chief of staff said Monday a “lack of an ability to compromise" triggered the war.
The White House chief of staff is tragically ignorant about the history of the country he serves.
The White House chief of staff blamed the war on a "lack of compromise."
It’s time for us to finally face the truth in our country.
Monday night, a group of about 100 people in Durham, North Carolina threw a rope around the statue of a Confederate soldier