the civil wars

White said he's been fortunate with the response so far - especially fans of The Civil Wars. "People have moved on the same
"It’s very difficult when something abruptly stops."
This week's playlist features music from The Civil Wars, LL Cool J, Sly & the Family Stone, John Prine, and more.
"I've always been a roots enthusiast really, it's always been based around the blues and folk music, so there are large areas of influence there. I didn't just want to just make a straight blues album."
It was born out of some strife and pain, but I feel like in the midst of all of that, it made for an even more raw and, in my opinion, moving body of work than we even did on Barton Hollow.
Maros signed a development deal with Nettwerk, was sent to Nashville "about eight years ago" and paired with so many different
Brands shell out big bucks for reserved space at the various suites in the hopes of getting their products in the hands of artists and celebrities.
Jack White and the Peacocks, August 8 at Red Rocks: The highly anticipated show at one of the world's most magnificent outdoor
Milo Greene's debut album is a collection of dreamy sounds, tasty hooks and mellifluous vocals featuring exquisite four-part harmonies that are destined for film soundtracks and TV show treatments.