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All New Yorkers know that leaving town often is one of the only things that ostensibly keeps us sane--a head scratcher that in and of itself might set off a light bulb for anyone who hadn't already lost it.
Lisa Rinna is now on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- she's a refreshing addition, especially after the really desperate women who've come through the show. Not to say Lisa Rinna isn't desperate -- she is, but she admits this.
In the meantime, give Lisa Kudrow all the awards in the world. There wasn't a better television performance this year. Did
Spoiler Alert! Join HuffPost Live for a conversation about this week's episode of "The Comeback" and the season finales of "The Affair" and "Homeland."
No one appreciates sentiment as much as Valerie Cherish, the desperate-for-everything actress on HBO's The Comeback, and no one is more equipped to play her than Lisa Kudrow, an actress so desperately talented she'll never want for work.
Most know her as Phoebe Buffay from "Friends," but for the strong cult following of "The Comeback," Lisa Kudrow's role as
Lisa Kudrow discusses her HBO series 'The Comeback.'
Lisa Kudrow, creator of HBO's 'The Comeback' discusses the leaks of Sony executives' emails.
HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri kicked off Monday's edition of "Spoiler Alert" with a message to anyone who says the sexual
Home to the second largest economy in the EU and the fifth largest economy in the world, France is increasingly a bright light for the tech industry in Europe. But more can be done to propel France as a long-term world innovation leader.
That raises questions about another beloved HBO show that went off the air before its time: "Enlightened," which ended in
Who else is behind this show if it's so good? All of the "Comeback" writers and directors are splashed across today's comedy