The Conjuring

10--Beat By Beat Features a Screenwriter-Friendly Movie Structure Once in a while a book comes along that shakes up the world
***** Well, I love Mr. Jay. He's awesome, and I think that both experiences were very, very fun, and I don't think I'll ever
You've seen Eric Ladin's mug plenty of times and probably laughed, as I did. That's a trick, people! That's how Eric gets you to fall in love with him! Or admire him. So I fell for it, whatever. You did too.
Sound, though, is the most useful way to trick viewers. "Sound is huge -- HUGE! You want the sounds to be almost gutturally
Question: What do science fiction, fantasy and horror have in common? Answer: they are the genres honored annually, for the past four decades, by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.
For starters, I have no interest in the supernatural and paranormal -- mostly because I don't believe in it. (Of course, that's the perfect set-up for a horror story.) I've never had a paranormal experience, though I'm sure there are people who believe they have.
According to the suit, New Line was granted rights to less than 1 percent of the Warrens' case files in exchange for a purchase
I immediately had this affinity for him. I just felt I could place my confidence in him so we actually forewent any rehearsals
BOO! With Halloween upon us, HuffPost Weird News has assembled a list of 13 horror films that were inspired by disturbing
Cullen Hoback's film takes us down a rabbit hole to try and answer the question: Is privacy dead? In the process, he exposes us to a massive civil liberties nightmare.
An evil tree is the thing of lore in "Hollow," a low-key supernatural film that took more than a year and a half to make
The Conjuring fails utterly to rise above its reactionary politics. The brothers Hayes wield their faith message like a truncheon.
After watching this video (above), we're never going swimming at night again. This is the scariest one-minute movie we've
This weekend, you had your choice of an atmospheric, based-on-a-true-story ghost tale with The Conjuring, or ride along with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as afterlife cops in the effect-enhanced action-fantasy-comedy R.I.P.D.
With the release of "The Conjuring," Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga add a tally mark to their respective checklists of horror
Wan's ideal: The scary travels out of the theater with you... Mischa Barton finds life in APARTMENT 1303 just a little disturbing... Rene Clair twists the Faust legend in LA BEAUTE DU DIABLE...
Jacob discusses the highly anticipated film "The Conjuring" with AOL's Moviefone.
Full Segment: Are you looking forward to hitting the cinema this summer? Jacob discusses the highly anticipated films, "The Conjuring," "Red 2" and "Turbo" with AOL's Moviefone. Join in the comments to share your POV!
It's always a pleasant surprise to happen upon a movie that achievers the level of suspense or just plain creepiness that The Conjuring manages. It calls to mind films like The Exorcist, which understood that the less you saw, the scarier it got.