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The actor, who starred in two seasons of the series, explained her reasoning in a new interview with The Guardian.
The Duke of Sussex told "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert he often finds himself "fact-checking" the Netflix drama.
The new year is set to bring some faves like “Succession” and “P-Valley,” as well as some newbies like “Wonder Man” and “Neon.”
“When it came to playing villains, he was unsurpassed," tweeted colleague Barnaby Edwards. "Thanks for the fun, Stephen.”
Princess Diana's collaborator, who is portrayed in Season 5 of the series, had some thoughts on Netflix's omission.
A beloved competition show and a new docuseries are also trending on the streaming service.
The latest season of "The Crown" captures a chaotic period for the royal family — but the casting choices consume our attention.
We Play Ibble Dibble From The Crown | Good Vibes Only
The show’s fifth season has reached the events of the 1990s, when there was no shortage of media coverage of the British royals.
The title and publication date of The Duke of Sussex's book, Spare, has been revealed.