the crown

The Netflix show ended its six-season run last year.
The Prince of Wales purportedly feels rather strongly about the award-winning Netflix series.
Actor Dominic West recalled how his words destroyed the bond with his royal pal “over 10 years ago."
A new satirical comedy and another series about real-life icons are also trending on streaming services like Max, Hulu, Apple TV+ and Paramount+.
The first part of the show's final season has arrived on Netflix — and it's focused on an event many of us watched unfold on our TVs.
The actor, who starred in two seasons of the series, explained her reasoning in a new interview with The Guardian.
The Duke of Sussex told "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert he often finds himself "fact-checking" the Netflix drama.
The new year is set to bring some faves like “Succession” and “P-Valley,” as well as some newbies like “Wonder Man” and “Neon.”
“When it came to playing villains, he was unsurpassed," tweeted colleague Barnaby Edwards. "Thanks for the fun, Stephen.”
Princess Diana's collaborator, who is portrayed in Season 5 of the series, had some thoughts on Netflix's omission.