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Update: Gavi reached out to correct the salary figures provided by Ian Birrell and re-quoted in this piece. Gavi’s CEO, Seth
"Obviously whales have to rest on their migration, so what we call 'sleep swimming' might be when they're paying less attention
Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall is fed up with the way some journalists treat female politicians.  In a story for
That television still reigns supreme may seem surprising, but the marketplace of new media content seems to agree. Despite a plethora of online live streams, the mother lode of money still seems to be in television, and probably will remain there for some time.
I realized that, as women, our first instinct is to personalize the best qualities of another female upon ourselves; we "wish" we had the lips of Angelina Jolie and the eyes of Megan Fox. This, in turn, leads us to neglect the beauty we already possess.
News of a mini civil war in Lebanon between the Lebanese army and fighters thought to belong to the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) triggered a wave of rumors this week that were blamed in part on traditional media.
British tabloid The Daily Mail is slammed by both George Clooney and Angelina Jolie for inflammatory comments.
In his column, Clooney refers to a particular story, published Monday, July 7, which states that Alamuddin's mother is "unimpressed
So, what are your thoughts? Or is this just too absurd to comment on? So "sour-faced, school-run mums with their hands up
The cause of government transparency in general, and even of WikiLeaks in particular, doesn't live or die with Julian Assange. If he's innocent, then I'm happy to let him keep his place at the head of this important movement. But if he's guilty, the world won't end.
In case you don't want to take the word of well-qualified experts, just take a look at the following collection of statistics, and you'll see It's not hard to find plenty of trends that point to global warming.
4. 11. If you read the Daily Mail regularly, this is probably a familiar experience, especially if you peruse its stories
There are many ways to mother, just as there are ways to find fault with women who are not mothers.
Would a man's choice to embrace his traditional breadwinning role with gusto be marked as an end to progress, or to opt out of parenthood as a harbinger of the downfall of society as we know it?
The Samantha Brick spectacle highlights a couple of serious issues that are more relevant than Brick herself, which is probably why her two articles have generated more than 8,000 comments.