The Deep

Whatever you call it, recognize that the “deep state” is not your friend.
A good 30 years after his death, the genius that was, is and always will be Orson Welles is finally enjoying the recognition he deserves.
(above) Jackson Pollock, The Deep (1953), oil and enamel on canvas, 7 ft 2 3/4 in x 59 1/8 in (220.4 x 150.2 cm), Musée national
Personally, I feel that the elusive "peace" -- along with inseparable companions, justice and equality -- in the region will come out of what one filmmaker calls "artistic resistance."
Ship of Souls combines urban fantasy with African American history; set in Prospect Park, the story features three unlikely friends who are pursued by ghosts from the Revolutionary War as they attempt to release the restless souls from the African Burial Ground in lower Manhattan.
Watch LA-based artist PES steampunkify and recreate deep ocean creatures using metal objects like bullet belts, faucet knobs
Her only option, according to a studio head (Danny Huston), is to let herself be digitally scanned. She'll be set for life
This year, I volunteered at Washington D.C., International Film Festival and got to meet some of the people involved, as well as see some of the films. My two favorites were Kings of Summer and The Deep.
Pop!Tech speakers offered up valuable and visceral accounts of personal moments of truth that took them off the career path and put them on the path to making a difference.