The Des Moines Register

At least one Iowan interviewed reportedly wasn't read the full list of candidates.
Warren has the "vision and the temperament to push an unequal America in the right direction," the editorial board concluded.
The Democratic candidate first said he wouldn't testify in Trump's impeachment trial because it would be based on “specious grounds.”
Homeowner Nick Lestina says he can't clean up the mess because it's still seeping into his house.
The board applauded the presidential hopeful's "bulldog" record on crime — a sore point for her critics.
The Des Moines Register's editorial board said the Republican's overt racism has made Iowa "a laughing stock on the national stage."
He hopes to ease concerns while boosting a local congressman in the middle of a challenging re-election fight.
The attorney general is sending a hate crimes expert to a murder trial in Iowa.
The driver of the tractor who was hit died following the crash.