The Dirty Dozen

That's bad news for a few reasons: Pesticides have been linked to developmental problems in children, and may act as carcinogens
As the evidence shows, Monuments Men would not have been in the awards mix. Well-made and honorable, it's also a movie that never achieves much momentum.
To compile the rankings, EWG researchers looked at 45 popular fruits and vegetables based on pesticide-load reports conducted
They struggled, sleeping in doorways or cars until a woman named Dolly gave them shelter, but Dolly's generosity had a price tag. Torture was commonplace in her household, and she beat George and his mother.
The Expendables is all about the big-bang theory: the bigger the bangs (explosions, gunshots, mammoth fireballs), the bigger the box-office. In theory, anyway.
Tarantino's film is a World War II thriller with scenes of gruesome violence. But anyone who comes in expecting -- or hoping -- that the action defines the film will be wrong.