The Door

Disappeared by Francisco X. Stork "A tense thriller elevated by Stork's nuanced writing and empathy for every character, including
The emerging artists from US and The Door have certainly made an indelible impression on how I think about the world -- here's hoping they continue to do so for a lifetime.
I don't know where I was, or what I was doing when I first heard the song "Closer" by Goapele; but I do remember how it made me feel. The drums and the baseline encompassed with the lyrics which said to me that, "whatever it is I wanted to achieve it could happened."
The Venice Film Festival turned 70 this year, but the atmosphere on the Lido is far from being over-the-hill, more like fashionably casual and über-cool.
"We spend a lot of time talking about issues. You can go to community board meetings, panel discussions and all kinds of
“In the film, characters arrive at the door of a friend in need, bringing something of themselves,” DuVernay explains. “Eventually
Growing up in San Francisco, California, Russell Morse was a troubled kid. He didn't have the best relationship with his
Last last year's crop, there is much to like about the animated shorts and much to scratch one's head about among the live action selections.