The Face

More older women are drinking — and drinking more than ever too.
Over the years, my personality has most likely caused me to miss out on some jobs and opportunities, but I also know that my strong personality has helped me experience lots of firsts as a black model.
Modeling requires strength on a number of different levels -- strength to hold your head high and endure rejection; strength to continue to follow your passion in order to build a successful career; strength to ignore critics and naysayers; and strength to keep your body, mind and spirit in tip-top shape.
Dancing requires physical awareness, precision, rhythm, soul, memory and coordination. And whether people realize it or not, modeling and dancing are two closely related disciplines. Both require you to use your body, know your body and express with your body.
Being aware of your energy levels makes a big difference, because when you're working long hours, it is vital to keep your energy up in order to deliver the best performance.
I get asked all the time what makes a model super, and while there's something to be said for hard work and having a special look -- a key element that separates a good model from an outstanding model is confidence.
When going nude in any setting I think most of us initially worry about being judged and feeling vulnerable in that there is no place to hide our insecurities - they are totally exposed for everyone to see.
Supermodel Naomi Campbell joins us live in studio to talk about the second season of Oxygen's reality series "The Face" and more.
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One thing for sure about these women is they are built to last. They are not trendy, seasonal picks. They have found great soil and have dug deep, rooting themselves in unshakable ground. In a way they also remind me of the Everlast Bunny rabbit because they will keep going, going and going...
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We're with you, Naomi. Fair-skinned on not, the second Devyn walks into a model casting (or anywhere else for that matter
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