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Not only is it fine to watch films and movies about cancer after having cancer, I think it can help with healing.
So if the message is hopeful, why call the book The Fault in Our Stars? Possibly because this book is not about blind hope; it's about acceptance and perseverance in the face of reality -- a modern realistic fairytale of sorts.
Often, the Hollywood depiction of cancer pales in comparison to what the disease actually entails.
I see this movie as a modern classic. And by that I mean, by 2034, this will be the movie that teenagers will call a classic must-see.
A pediatric oncologist seems to suggest we shouldn't be getting too upset about childhood cancer because kids and teens dying or going blind "are things that we don't typically encounter."
Adapted from the bestselling young adult novel by John Green, TFIOS, as it's known to Green's adoring fans, is a beautiful and beautifully honest story about two teens who are dying from cancer and dying to squeeze everything out of life before they do.
Because of Fault's wit and emotion, the fact that it is problematic is often swept under the rug. Like I said, it's a good book -- but it has its shortcomings.
The VlogBrothers brought together a community of so called "mis-fits" in this world to create change and inspire everyone. As a teenager, all you want sometimes is to have someone who feels the same way as you do.
No matter how many superhero movies soar into theaters every year, it's increasingly rare to find blockbusters that elicit
As an avid fan of John Green and all of his written work, this story had been coursing through my veins and tingling my fingertips long before it hit the big screen. However, this time was different.
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