The Flash

“My dream has always been to originate a character on Broadway," Gustin told HuffPost. "It had started to feel like it wasn’t possible."
For some 15 years, the superhero genre has continued to find old ways to produce the same film over and over again.
Shannon defended “Man of Steel” as “a very relevant story” and said he rejected a role in “Star Wars” because those “giant movies” weren't interesting.
Andy Muschietti gushed over the actor despite their multiple run-ins with the law.
Two other charges were dropped, including a felony burglary charge that could have carried a sentence of 25 years in prison for the actor.
The "Flash" actor pleaded not guilty Monday to stealing bottles of liquor from a neighbor’s home in Vermont. Their next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 13.
Miller is reportedly set to star in "The Flash" next year in spite of multiple charges, including second-degree assault.
Ezra Miller has broken their silence to apologize to “everyone that I have alarmed.”
The studio is considering how to address the actor's recent disturbing behavior.
Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav recently teased the film's upcoming release, in spite of Miller's arrests and various allegations against the star.