the fray

A few weeks ago, I flew out to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Unite to Face Addiction concert. Tens of thousands of people were there, and it was incredible to see how many people's lives have been touched by addiction.
Rockers Set to Rally for Addiction Awareness I have been involved in the field of recovery for years now, and I understand
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Prepare for your jaw to drop. The girl's routine was caught on camera while she
Critically acclaimed rock band The Fray, widely known for their hit "How to Save a Life," sat down with HuffPost Live host
The foursome from Colorado who make up the phenomenally successful rock band, The Fray sit down with Ricky to discuss how they are perceived.
"The idea behind the video is how an obsession, good or bad, can easily end up controlling you," says Jordan Mayland. "A song, a relationship, a situation, life, death, a person, the thing you thought you had control of ends up really controlling you."
(Story continues after photos.) “What we all saw in those weeks since the floods we saw the kindness and the community and
For more information on how to help Coloradans devastated by the flood, visit Colorado United, the state's official recovery
Accola, who plays Caroline Forbes on the hit CW show, even got some love from her co-star Nina Dobrev, who obviously couldn't
Many thought that The Fray's folksy-acoustic arrangement of "The Star-Spangled Banner" was a poor choice for the band. Who
So tell me: how do you draw the line between being a sucker and being a good friend?
If there were ever a week for a midcentury music revival in L.A., this must be it.
From the jaw-dropping to the gut-wrenching to the tear-inducing to the side-splitting, Donnybrook writers recall their favorite movie moments at the Starz Denver Film Festival.
It's called "Blame it on the Pop" and the full list of songs is below the video. The top songs of 2009 are mashed up in an
Welcome to Snoopworld, where Chevys still are bouncin', would-be gangstas still kind of prowl the streets (albeit it's a new generation), explicit-isms flow like 40 oz. beer, and tempos best not harsh anyone's mellow.
This is a good question. When did rock become the douchiest genre of music? When did Nickelback, Parachute, The Fray, Chris