the future project

Then the "Dream Kings" hand-delivered the bottles to older people in need.
"The boys learned from the initiative that they can take an idea and they can impact someone else's life for the better."
After losing his mother at the age of 13, Detroit teen DeAngelo Hughes felt inspired to help other young adults cope with grief, so he started a chapter of The Flutter Foundation in his city.
After losing his mom at 13, DeAngelo, an 18-year-old high school student turned his own experience with loss into a movement. He founded the Detroit Flutter Chapter, which gives young people across Detroit a space to talk about their grief and find a community of support.
Inspired by her late mother, Hadiyah has created a space in her high school in San Francisco, for young people to openly talk about the problems they are facing today-specifically those rooted in race, culture, and identity.
"It would have options for learning environments."
The ideas behind The Future Project, and the language that employees use to describe them, may seem unusual, or even naïve
When hanging out the other day with my friends Pavlov and Aristotle, they got me thinking about what behaviors students regularly repeat through the years of schooling. They mentioned it might have something to do with those struggling with unemployment.
There is something vaguely pyramid-scheme-feeling about a college dropout becoming successful by talking about how successful he's managed to be as a college dropout.
The Future Corps consists of local college students, graduate students or young professionals in who are matched with students