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The "Sharp Objects" star told a funny story about waiting on the pop superstar on "The Late Late Show."
Gap reaped nearly $3 million in additional revenue from stores participating in the study, but hasn't committed to stable scheduling.
We live in an age of planned obsolescence. Most of us are aware of this on at least a subconscious level. Brand loyal tech
I started thinking about a cool downtown loft, drenched in sunlight, that would set the stage for a series of whimsical and
Just as some can't see the forest for the trees, some get so far into the details they can't see the bigger picture. This
2. Continue to press the federal government to support the clean economy (or at least not dismantle it) A climate denier
However, over a week later, I still notice marked differences in my students' attitudes and how they talk about their process
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More than 50 companies endorsed last year's New York Declaration on Forests, but the Ecosystem Marketplace initiative Supply Change finds that only half the companies it tracks have disclosed their progress.
Gap becomes the latest major retailer to give its workers more flexibility.
The changes will make it easier for employees to plan their lives outside of work.
Gap Inc. rose like a rocket in its growth phase, but is now on the edge of a slippery slope down, further greased by the Great Recession and a lingering global economic mess.
I couldn't agree more. Whatever business you're in, it may be time to get ahead of the curve and think about increases in minimum wages or a more equitable way to share profits with employees.
Why not invest in a new society that's safer and fairer, that reduces the threats posed by hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos?
But Sampang wouldn't want you to compare yourself to him. "In the beginning," he told HuffPost, "I compared myself to other
Gap is proudly touting its plans to start making clothes in Myanmar. One executive even called it a "historic moment" for the beleaguered Southeast Asian country.