the godfather

The CNN host drops a chilling "Godfather" reference on Trump supporters.
Carrey's artwork takes a comedic whack at the president's phone call with Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky.
The CNN host thanked his Fox News rival for having his back during the "Fredo" video incident.
After a man allegedly called him "Fredo" in an argument, the CNN host was seen on video claiming that the insult is comparable to "the n-word."
CNN defended its primetime host, calling the incident "an orchestrated setup."
The director and his cast reunited for the movie's 45th anniversary.
"Yeah I did," Fredo replied. "Hey, Tom, where did you go?" "Why?" "It's a good plan, Tom," Fredo said, almost cocky. "I'm
Music: Il Padrino (Speak Softly Love) by Nino Rota If you love food just as much as you love the movie you will wish you