The Godfather: Part II

A Corleone would never tweet, “Frankie Pentangeli is an overrated gangster and a stoolie. SAD.”
The director and his cast reunited for the movie's 45th anniversary.
Few characters in film history have displayed the cunning, charm and utter moral ambiguity as that of Tom Hagen, the Corleone family lawyer in Francis Coppola's first two Godfather films.
The Cold War against Cuba not only made life worse for ordinary Cubans. It also diminished America's own democracy and undermined its lofty spoken commitments to human rights and the rule of law.
Carole Cortland Russo, Jimmy and Flo Alo's niece who was raised by the couple, is finishing a biography about her uncle. Carole was Jimmy's constant companion in his later years, and cared for him until the end of his life.
In a list of the worst things you could possibly wake up next to in the morning, a severed horse's head would probably feature highly.
Every actor portraying Grandpa has proven exceptional in capturing a feature or essence, but I have my favorites, and I hope one day to see Grandpa portrayed in live theater.
Secrets and lies carried the day in most of the five films I saw Monday at the Toronto International Film Festival. But then, aren't the most interesting movies built around them? It's so obvious that Mike Leigh used the idea as the title of one of his finest efforts.
CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misspelled Marlon Brando's last name, and the title of the film that earned
New Year's Eve is a time of resolutions, sweeping romantic gestures and ... sometimes fatal kisses? At least that's what
When Frankie, by chance, survives the assassination attempt. He doesn't believe Michael tried to kill him literally, but
This isn't the first time "The Godfather" has been revisited; Puzo himself wrote a sequel to his original novel, titled "The