The Good Place

The actress joined "Hot Ones" and rattled off her knowledge of philosophy and ethics.
The actress who plays Eleanor Shellstrop brought all the tears to San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.
"The Good Place" star said she's a size 6 and still "exploded" out of a designer's sample size dress.
“The Good Place” actress argued that conversations around handling rejection are key to improving sex education.
Shows like "Miracle Workers" and "The Good Place" set the afterlife in the office. What hath capitalism wrought?
The star of NBC's "The Good Place" also reveals what he'd like to see next for queer characters on the big screen.
“The Good Place” star addressed critics who felt the new ads weren’t truly inclusive.
Actor William Jackson Harper wants to inspire others "to deal with a world that we have rather than the world that we wish that we had."
“The Good Place” star didn’t think it was appropriate to portray a deaf woman when opportunities for disabled actors are limited.
"The Good Place" star sticks up for what she believes in, and that never goes out of style.
“The Good Place” actress recently said she hoped diet product-promoting celebs like Cardi B "s**t their pants in public."
The "Good Place" star thinks airbrushing should be illegal. And if you don't like her outspoken personality: "The nearest bin ― find it, get in it and live there."
Jameela Jamil said it’s refreshing to have several South Asian actresses appear on the show together.
The star of “The Good Place” got real about her life as a mom.
The sitcom's endlessly quotable catchphrases give us a language to talk about our political reality. We’re literally in hell, but at least we can say it with a smile.
Actor Bambadjan Bamba of “The Good Place” and “Black Panther” is one of many DREAMers who says ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will “destroy [his] life.”
The actor took the bold step of joining a campaign to legalize immigrants like him, becoming the public face of DACA recipients.