the good wife season 5

Alicia's finally owning her campaign and starting to accept the fact that she wants this. We see her stand up to Peter and his philandering ways. It's only been five years and she finally has a reason, and the guts, to tell him to shut up and get a hold of himself.
Where we last left Elsbeth, she had joined a partnership set on wooing Alicia. Are we going see you maybe in competition
When Alicia grows (correctly) concerned that the NSA is spying on her firm, she runs to Peter, knowing he'll be adept to
My guess is that this will lead to Diane and Alicia working at the same firm or the firms merging once again. Just a guess
As far as how Will's death will affect Alicia, Margulies believes it "makes the character of Alicia have to move in a different
We're excited to see whatever comes next for Charles, but till then we're still stuck mourning for Will. Charles had been
The episode entitled "We, the Juries" will feature the songs: "High Hopes," "Hunter of Invisible Game" and "The Ghost of
Stockard Channing also returns as Veronica, Alicia's mother, and in the promo above she has quite the interaction with Jackie
And just like that, "The Good Wife" took on Reddit -- sorry, Scabbit -- and the mess that happened with the Boston Marathon bombing. This week's episode, "Whack-a-Mole," introduced many stories that seem to be leading to something way bigger.
In the exclusive preview above, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) steps off the elevator into her old office and is met with stares