The Gop

"The GOP is no longer grand, the mighty pachyderm is packing it in."
The GOP former senator heaped praise on Trump for the speech, which contained multiple misleading statements.
The CNN host also tore into Senate Republicans for making "a Faustian pact" with the president.
The Senate majority leader spoke with Republican senators in a closed-door meeting about Democrats' efforts to call John Bolton to testify in the impeachment trial.
The GOP congressman will challenge fellow Republican Kelly Loeffler for the U.S. Senate seat.
The New York Democrat fired back after the Kentucky Republican mocked her concern for the climate crisis.
"The Daily Show" host picked apart the strange arguments deployed by Republican lawmakers to defend Donald Trump.
The CNN host attacked the Republican Party "which used to campaign on the notion that character counts."
"The Late Show" also debuted a catchy jingle to explain the impeachment inquiry into the president.