The Grateful Dead

See a clip from the new documentary "Long Strange Trip."
50 years ended in an almost-perfect moment of collective explosion. Although the final "Fare Thee Well" Grateful Dead concert was held on July 5th at Solider Field, this incarnation of the band faded away -- for me at least -- at the close of the July 4th concert.
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I'm sure plenty of kids today, frustrated with politics, bored of mass media, longing for companionship, would join the Dead community if it still existed.
"I have spent my life/Seeking all that's still unsung/Bent my ear to hear the tune," sang Phil Lesh last night, harmonizing
Like the Grateful Dead song says, just keep truckin' on, Bill Murray. The Illinois native took in the Dead's final show of
"Wharf Rat" is a veritable fount of baby name ideas -- from Bonnie Lee to Pearly Baker to August West. Bonnie is the one
The massive phenomenon that was the Grateful Dead has never been objectively reported on, an historical anomaly that boils down to what might as well be a Buddhist koan: Pretty much anyone who was there must be immediately eliminated as a reliable witness.
There is also something about the old becoming new again for the audience. The mix is comforting, yet has that element of surprise.