the great gatsby soundtrack

You can't keep something with that much quality, with that much appeal, down. It's just a matter of time.
Baz Luhrmann was ready to take the blame if "The Great Gatsby" flopped. Now that it's a hit, he has every right to take the credit. Michael Hogan joins Marc to discuss.
"He said, 'Well, we used to get them to express themselves,'" Luhrmann recalls. "And I'm thinking, Anything else, Walter
Thank goodness for Baz Luhrmann. Without him, anachronistic music selections in this year's movies would be relegated to
As far as iconic characters go, Jay Gatsby is synonymous with wealth, decadence and high-end luxury. The mansion, the parties
Nothing goes with a star-studded movie like a a star-studded soundtrack. Whether totally original or a roundup of remakes
Beyond "100$ Bill," the rest of the soundtrack includes previously revealed songs from Beyonce & Andre 3000 (the controversial
Australian pop and jazz songstress Sia has joined the medley of artists who've unveiled their recordings for the new "Great
Music fans have been champing at the bit to hear the "Great Gatsby" soundtrack in full. Produced by Jay-Z, the compilation