The Grinch

The animated family flick stole the weekend box office with $66 million.
Wiki guidelines explicitly state that Biographies of Living Persons ("BLPs") must be written conservatively, neutrally, and
Will the Grinch steal the election? From the Grinch's perspective, the election has already been stolen from him. That's my takeaway from the debate: that Trump is a sore loser even before he's lost.
If you're still not quite ready to say goodbye to the 2015 holiday season, why not consider swinging by Universal Studios Hollywood this weekend? Where -- thanks to Ron Howard's The Grinch -- this theme park finally has a Christmas to call its own.
THANK YOU for every card you send, every greeting you share. THANK YOU for every gift you choose, whether thoughtfully or out of obligation. THANK YOU for understanding that even though going-through-the-motions is all we can achieve sometimes, often it is enough.
There are so many great Christmas movies that it's hard to know where to aim your remote at this time of year. Between classic Yuletide favorites, films whose Christmas segments have turned them into seasonal fare and an explosion of TV movies, the options are endless.
"You're an electoral fungus topped with cotton candy hair."
Then there really would be peace on Earth and good will towards all. How blessed we truly would be if we remembered this
More than a century ago, the editor of The New York Sun addressed this growing cynicism in his response to a letter from
The grumpy character was cuffed for a tongue-in-cheek arrest photo.
Being a Third Culture Kid -- someone who spent her developmental years outside her parents' home countries -- I never got the cultural coding that provides for a sense of nationalism or patriotism.
Showing up to AA was like being surrounded by a bunch of happy-ass Whos -- all smiling and laughing and seeming like they didn't have a care in the world. Yes, I am convinced the closest place to Whoville is within the rooms of AA -- where there is a fellowship, friendliness and indescribable understanding that is unlike anything I have ever seen.
I began to think of dementia as a Grinch -- descending upon our family, dimming the lights, stealing our baked goods, and taking away my mother's ability to give, which is really all she ever wanted to do.
No one suggests you cut back entirely on your children or spouse, but with average spending hitting $224 per child in 2013
When a story sounds too good to be true, it usually is -- especially around this time of year. But when Christmas carols fill the air and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, even the hardest-bitten reporters can let their guards down for a real whopper.
Session Notes: Physician-ordered session after patient's heart "grew three sizes" and raised cardiac concerns. Also had a brief charge of theft by police. Seems anxiety has been plaguing patient since whole town has taken to ostracizing him for bad behavior.