the hague

Sudan's transitional authorities have agreed to surrender all those wanted in connection with the Darfur conflict.
It's called "ecocide" and even the pope is talking about it.
Police in the Netherlands said they were still searching for a suspect, as well as a motive.
Gokmen Tanis, 37, has been taken into custody following an hours-long manhunt in the central Dutch city of Utrecht, authorities said.
An out-of-control bonfire led to multiple fire whirls moving across a Dutch beach.
The raids were the culmination of an investigation codenamed Pollino that was launched in 2016 against the ’ndrangheta criminal group.
The U.S. also said Russians or Syrians may have tampered with evidence on the ground. Moscow denied the charge.
In practical terms, the big concern is that while the legal cycle slowly grinds, China is actually changing the facts on
By James M. Dorsey Shot dead this week on a street in The Hague, Ahmad Mola Nissi may have died the violent life he lived