The Hangover Part II

Does that make you feel nostalgic that these are ending? I mean, there's definitely a lament for the four of us [Galifianakis
Successful screenwriter Craig Mazin joins us to give us the inside scoop on his upcoming blockbuster sequel, 'The Hangover 3.'
The only thing Identity Thief steals is your time and your expectation of inventive comedy. The concept may be high, but the yield (in terms of laughs) is depressingly low.
I'm not endorsing the use of mind-altering substances. But, for adults, this might not be a bad idea with this film. There
It's the oldest story in the book: Nerdy kid, who just wants to be cool, has the house all to himself -- what does he do
Still, we're very excited about the film, as it sees the reunion of Gosling and his "Blue Valentine" director Derek Ciafrance
Michael Alan Rubin is suing the film's producers for copyright infringement, saying that they got the idea for "The Hangover
"I definitely felt anxiety I guess would be the right word, or pressure, that if the movie didn’t do well I wouldn’t get
"I'm just up here prepping. We've just been sort of hanging out with all the cops here and going on ride alongs and it's
"I want to make out with the fat guy from 'The Hangover' …He's amazing. I like big, fat guys with beards that wear thick