The Hard Nut

Culture & Arts
If you're looking for a New York-centric themed Nutcracker, then this one's for you! This year marks the 21st anniversary
Culture & Arts
American Ballet Theatre New York City Center's Fall For Dance Festival features many familiar faces, including Alvin Ailey
Queer Voices
"The Hard Nut" puts an edgy, gender-bending spin on the classic story.
Culture & Arts
With American ballet company directors and boards lamenting the low status of ballet in the minds of the general public, what would happen if our ballet companies offered more options during the holiday season? How did we get ourselves trapped in a can of Nuts?
New York
From the moment the curtain rises onto a pack of booze-swilling suburbanites engaged in a libidinous promenade, it's clear The Hard Nut is not your ordinary Nutcracker.