the hollars

The director, co-writer and star of the new thriller "A Quiet Place" discusses his underperforming movies, becoming a reluctant horror fan and being remembered as Jim from "The Office."
The basic premise of the movie has Krasinski's character, John Hollar returning to his hometown the day before his mother, Sally Hollar (played by Martindale) undergoes brain surgery. That emotional life event gets mixed with the fact that John's pregnant girlfriend is ready to give birth soon, and his other family members, old friends, and ex-girlfriend spill their problems into John's world too.
John Krasinski talks directing and why Josh Ritter's song is in his latest film
John Krasinski on the possibility of an 'Office' reunion and going way back with B.J. Novak.
The "Office" actor proves his worth as he directs and stars in Sundance family comedy "The Hollars."
Of the five-and-a-half films I took in (I sampled Lovesong for a half-hour while killing time between two other movies and was not sorry to walk out early), the three best ones all dealt with issues of family in emotionally complex, compelling and sometimes funny ways.