The Hours

Women don’t need you telling them you’re a feminist -- it’s your brothers that do.
The star fondly recalls her onscreen same-sex kisses, too.
Cunningham's brilliant mark is honing in on the fluidity of daily life, and how we continue to survive in spite of its complexities
Do make time. Otherwise, instead of honoring the hours of your life when you get to savor what matters most, you'll lose hours and days worried and stressed.
My teen years are a blur of loitering and prowling, in libraries, bookstores, and books themselves. And there may have been some trespassing along the way. (The statute of limitations hasn't expired though, so I'll leave it at that.)
Meryl Streep becomes her characters. She is an iguana and transforms into anything and everything, yet her performances still always have her notable style and stamp.
Today, our most celebrated actress, Meryl Streep, turns 63. Can it be possible? My own top-ten list below reflects what I believe are her best films. On her birthday, let's say: "Bravo, Meryl Streep."
Besides being an accomplished pediatrician, Chris Adrian was named one of the New Yorker‘s “20 Under 40″ fiction writers