the hunting ground

If you were angered by the Brock Turner case, by how his father dismissed his actions, then I encourage you to hold on to that anger. Think about the anger you felt over Brock Turner if someone you know is accused of rape.
The Hunting Ground, a 2015 documentary examining rape on college campuses, begins with scenes of ecstatic high school seniors getting into the colleges of their choice.
Willingham, featured in the campus rape documentary "The Hunting Ground," said she's "coming back swinging."
You've made current and future students who have been or who will be assaulted at Harvard Law School feel less safe and be less safe. I am tired of being treated as if I don't matter. You will not succeed in silencing my story .
When we speak about The Survivors, understand that there are so many people behind that word. Their lives hover behind that snapshot you see on your computer screen. Take the time to listen to them, and lift them up. Their voices are powerful, and raw, and they deserve to be heard.
I am back stage at the Oscars. Let me repeat that, because it is truly, truly crazy: I am backstage at the Oscars. I'm not here to dance or sing. I'm certainly not here to accept an award for a film. I am here as a survivor of rape and I'm here with 50 other survivors of sexual assault. We are here to stand on stage with Lady Gaga as she performs "Til It Happens to You" from "The Hunting Ground."
Students are making covers to spread awareness about sexual assault, and they are hauntingly good.