the iceman cometh

It's not necessarily an exercise in pessimism to tell the truth. There are, of course, philosophical nihilists like Turgenev's
At this final Act of the Iceman Lab, there are so many fascinating layers that I both want to explore and also protect. In
After the concert format of Act I, I was even more curious to see what Act II would look like. One day later I got to find
The Iceman Cometh is one of those plays from the American canon whose name evokes a pretty specific theatrical mood and style.
The Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker has offered a series of diverse and astounding star performances in films. Thus, he is not just another movie star stopping over on Broadway for a limited engagement.
It all came to a head when a director called him an "ass."
You have a busy film and television career, but your background is in theatre? MARK STRONG: I studied at the Bristol Old
Can a great play also be not entirely good? I ask this because the question kept wandering around my head as I watched and listened to--and watched and listened to and watched and listened to--Robert Falls's 2012 production of Eugene O'Neill's (classic?) The Iceman Cometh for Chicago's Goodman Theatre. It's finally reached the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
They say life is not a rehearsal, but Alain Resnais's Life of Riley (Aimer, boire et chanter and not La Vie de Reilly is curiously the French title) portrays human existence as a series of rehearsals which take place totally off stage.
So, kudos to the Endangered Species Project for taking on this and other less visible projects on behalf of the Seattle community
His first appearance as a playwright occurred in 1916 with the production of his one-act play, "Bound East for Cardiff." The
Despite protestations to the contrary, America does have a national theatre. We simply don't restrict it to the work of a single company. America's national theatre exists across the country.
Chicago truly is an amazing theatre town -- especially now, where we have two epic plays receiving landmark productions, and I've been lucky to see both of them.