The Ingraham Angle

The Fox News host compared Sanders’ 2020 campaign to President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.
"The Ingraham Angle" host likened Sanders 2020 to Trump 2016.
After a lengthy rant about nepotism, the Fox News host then applauded the millionaire Trump children.
Conservative lawyer Joe diGenova mimicked the way in which the freshman congresswoman pronounces her name.
A Media Matters supercut reprises some of the Fox News host's anti-immigration rants.
“Think about ISIS, what they did, they pillaged and they wiped away irreplaceable historical and religious monuments," said the Fox News host.
The Fox News host suggested Democrats wanted to replace American voters with "an ever increasing number of chain migrants."
Fox News host said her controversial comments "had nothing to do with race or ethnicity."
To Ingraham, the so-called alt-right is just a "more traditional" view, and Democrats are "agents of a historical and cultural purge."
The Fox News host got called out for claiming "the America we know and love doesn't exist anymore."
Laura Ingraham's insult is coming back to haunt her.
Fox News host suggests there's only a finite amount of love in America.
The hardware chain said it reversed a decision based on “incomplete information.”
Blue Apron and SlimFast announced that their ads will no longer appear on the program after Monday's episode.
"Left-wing activists use these terms as bludgeons to intimidate those who disagree with them."
Fox News host still losing advertisers after mocking mass shooting survivor.
At the time, she defended the move as a "freedom of the press issue, obviously."
Almost a dozen advertisers have dropped her Fox News show after she mocked a teenage survivor of the Florida school massacre.