the intern

Your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, which people may view before they ever meet you, conveys a lot of information about you. And unlike Google, which can ambush you in unexpected ways, they will allow you to control what people see there. (And if you don't have an online presence? That also sends a message.)
I was glad to see that while the "senior" intern brings wisdom, experience and balance into the frenetic workplace of an Internet startup, the movie also honors the energy and creativity of the Millennials who are driving today's tech economy.
Millennials still have some things to learn.
When 70-year-old Ben Whittaker, played by Robert DeNiro in The Intern, shows up for his first day of work, the experience feels familiar to anyone who has ever been an outsider.
Right after I saw Anne Hathaway and Robert DiNero in Nancy Meyer's newest film, The Intern, I noticed that the negativity against Hathaway burst out once again.
There are so many life lessons the Boomer generation has learned and can pass on to the youth of today and they are beautifully reflected in this movie. I will touch on them without great detail, because I would like you to see it for yourself.
The release of 'The Intern' is an opportunity to say a few things about the real world and the issues that sometimes arise when the workplace is home to different age groups, especially in places where people who are senior in age are junior in authority.
De Niro proves remarkably deft with light comedy and gives one of his most subtle, charming performances in years in his latest film alongside Anne Hathaway.
"I'm freaking out. Like, she's two arms' lengths away right now."
Hathaway has become the actress haters love to hate. While I thought she was spot on as Jules, The Intern won't likely quell Hathaway's enemies, rather, it's the Haterade to wash down their bitter pill.