the jayhawks

After 35 years and counting, the influential alt-country band reflects on its longevity and achieving success without a radio hit.
Officials apologized for "not thoroughly vetting" the risque performance at an annual basketball show.
But luckily for fans, there's a new Jayhawks album coming April 29.
So let's take a look at your new album, Uncovered. Years ago, you recorded Cover Girl on which you took on other songwriters' material. I think it was a little more than twenty years ago. What are your thoughts about having such a long career?
2012-06-15-Screenshot20120615at12.41.03AM.pngSinger-songwriter Dar Williams has released a music video in response to the alleged War On Women. Watch it here.
On a purely objective note, I was curious to know more about the band itself, a group of boomers who are still rocking and rolling. I wanted to know how they've achieved their balance of staying power and freshness.
It's a week of reunions. Everyone wants to sing with Tony Bennett, the Jayhawks want one more shot at the Americana brass ring, and the superstars in SuperHeavy want nothing less than global domination.
Bruce Hornsby has a new album, Bride Of The Noisemakers, which especially celebrates his last few albums and playing out on the road. Here he discusses what the experience has been like, playing those tours.