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Prosecutors in California want Durst in connection with the 2000 killing of writer Susan Berman.
Like millions of other Americans earlier this year, I found myself riveted by HBO's six-part documentary series, The Jinx. Part way through the penultimate episode, the story took an unexpected turn, to the far reaches of Humboldt County in the northwest corner of the Golden State.
Thursday's decision satisfies a hope of Durst's attorneys, who didn't want him charged with state and federal crimes from
Although there are some questions about Durst's meaning and mental state, the prejudice does not substantially outweigh its probative value of the statements. And as for the meaning, each side is free to argue their interpretation.
With "The Jinx," Jarecki has ushered the typically pulpy tonality of true crime into the realm of prestige television. True
EXTENDED CUT: He was already charged on Saturday in the shooting death of his friend, Susan Berman in California in 2000
Robert Durst, the eccentric eldest son of a wealthy New York real-estate family, was arrested in New Orleans on Saturday
It was just a matter of time before someone turned "The Jinx," HBO's six-part miniseries about Robert Durst, into a parody
Andrew Jarecki, who directed "The Jinx" and interviewed Durst, appeared on Monday's "Good Morning America" and "CBS This
Bringing true-crime reenactments to prestige TV, "The Jinx" employs newspaper headlines, diary excerpts, investigative footage